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all_else_nifty's Journal

All Else Nifty
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Hey y'all!

The story of this little community;

Having Lj_Nifty on my friends list, I see all of the entries made to the community. I also noticed that they have very strict rules indeed. Nothing against the nifty regulators of course, I love them as I love you and I totally understand where they are coming from, but I thought it'd be cool to make a place where everything else you find to be nifty, having to do with LiveJournal or not, can be posted freely without worries of your post being deleted, or in some cases, you yourself being bitched out. (Hey, I've seen it) A community where you can show the rest of the LJ world any sites, tricks, programs, downloads...anything that's spiffy.

So, post what you'd like. Anything you find interesting. It won't get deleted for being "off topic". I PROMISE.

Although, it will be deleted if it's "inappropriate" or whatnot....we do not like meanness! Shame on you!

(Now wasn't that the most beautiful story you have ever heard? You can tell that one to your grandkids someday.)

fernandojesse *hearts* you.