The Bride of the First House (bride) wrote in all_else_nifty,
The Bride of the First House

MS Word Nifty II

Okay, since no one is posting anything, I figured it's my turn again =)

In Microsoft Word, you can search for formatting as well as just text.

Go to Edit->Find and you should get the "Find and Replace" pop-up box. Press the "More" button to the left of the "Find Next". You'll get a bunch of options like "Match case", "Find whole words only", etc.

The nifty part is the two buttons below that. The "Format" and the "Special" buttons. The "Format" button lets you find text with specific formatting - eg. if you wanted to find the word "dog" that's in bold. The "Special" button gives you a list of all the special characters to find.

Once, I needed to add a small bit of extra data to the end of each line in a text file. I was working at a customer's site where I didn't have access to a UNIX machine to quickly whip it up in the vi editor.

I went to Tools->Options; in the View tab, turned on All Formatting Marks. Then in the Find and Replace, I selected the "Paragraph Mark" from "Special". This puts a "^p" into the "Find" line. Then I typed in the text I wanted to add in the "Replace" line.

This went through and looked for the Paragraph Mark (which was at the end of every line) and replaced it with my text. Effectively, this added whatever I wanted to the end of each line.

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